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found_magazine's Journal

Finding life for lost items
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This is a community for the people who love FOUND Magazine, or just love lost items in general. Please feel free to post all upcoming FOUND news, as well as all your previous and new findings you have collected. Don't limit yourself. Post any type of find you want. If it's something that gives us a glimpse into someone elses life, or theres writing on it, we want it. Have fun!
If you have no idea what FOUND Magazine is, check it all out here:
FOUND Magazine


1. Do not hide your finds under lj-cut tags. Only do this if you are posting more then 3 finds at a time.

2. Do not post “found” letters, notes, lists, etc. that are yours or were given to you.

3. If applicable, please post the story of how you found your item, and the date when found.

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